The evolution of the iPhone infographic: From first iPhone to iPhone 10

iPhone, there may be only a few number of people on the earth who have not heard of it. A name that gives meaning to Apple company.

It was in 2007 when Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple presented the first iPhone and made a revolution in cellphone manufacturing. Maybe even Steve Jobs himself wouldn’t think iPhone is going to make such big change in designing cell phones, on the other side the rivals also wouldn’t think that this phone is going to lead the competition into another direction.

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It’s been 10 years since that time and the evolution of the iPhone is still proceeding. Although there is no Steve Jobs anymore and Tim Cook is now responsible for leading this move, but newer iPhones are still highly welcomed by people like the early versions. For this reason Digiro has provided a special infographic for iPhone’s evolution (from first release until iPhone 10) for you.

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Evolution of the Apple iPhoneEvolution of the Apple iPhoneEvolution of the Apple iPhoneEvolution of the Apple iPhone

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